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Medical Ultrasound Equipment Repair

Although it is designed to be low maintenance and durable, medical ultrasound equipment sometimes needs repair. Medical environments are busy and equipment gets a great deal of use, often in high-stress situations where it may be handled with less care.

This is especially true of transducers and probes, which are the most likely to malfunction due to constant movement and use. We offer full service repairs and calibration of medical ultrasound machines, and probes, with fast turn around time, and cost-effective pricing.

What Equipment Do We Service?

At Gale Medical, we service a variety of medical ultrasound equipment, including the most common makes and models of machines and probes. Our staff are trained to diagnose, calibrate, maintain, and repair all makes and models of medical ultrasound equipment.

Our expert technicians are licensed as well as factory trained and certified to repair all major medical ultrasound machines. Gale Medical is your one stop shop for all of your medical ultrasound repair needs.

Why Choose Gale Medical?

There are several reasons to choose Gale Medical for all of your medical ultrasound equipment repair needs. First, we are responsive to your need for fast repair, responding to all requests within 24 hours and completing repairs as soon as possible without compromising quality. Second, our repair technicians are factory trained and certified, so work is always completed to your total satisfaction.

We are insured and bonded, which means you are never putting your valuable investments at risk when you choose Gale Medical.

Invest in Your Medical Ultrasound Equipment

Because we know that medical ultrasound equipment requires regular upkeep, calibration, and repair, we offer preventative maintenance contracts for medical ultrasound equipment. One of our licensed technicians will ensure that your valuable equipment has the maintenance it needs. This will lessen the need for expensive and time-consuming repair work while improving accuracy and extending the life of medical ultrasound equipment.

Contracts are available on all makes and models that we sell, even if you bought the equipment from another company.

Quality Service at a Fraction of the Cost

The trained and licensed staff of Gale Medical has been repairing medical ultrasound equipment for years. Our goal is to provide excellent repairs and the best customer service for the lowest price on the market.

We know that speed and accuracy are crucial when it comes to medical ultrasound repairs, so you can deliver good service to your patients and customers.

At Gale Medical, we know that getting your medical ultrasound equipment repaired in a fast and cost-effective manner is crucial to delivering quality medical care. Whether you need new or used ultrasound equipment, system set up, training, repairs, or parts, Gale Medical is here to help.

Contact us today to get a quote on your ultrasound equipment repair.

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