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Exceptional Service & Technicians

At Gale Medical, we take customer service to a higher level. In addition to carrying the best equipment for your needs, we also offer a wide selection of services to properly maintain and help extend the life of your ultrasound medical equipment.


Whether you need parts, service, probe repair, system setup, training, or a turn-key equipment purchase, Gale Medical has the resources to help you. Our expert technicians are heavily trained and have extensive experience in medical equipment repair. We are detail oriented and understand the importance of zero defects in medicine, which is why the quality we provide is second to none.

Hard-to-find Parts & Service for Older Machines

Our service experts have years of experience helping hospitals with quality repair and needed parts. We might be able to recommend you a part from a different edition machine that we have seen to work perfectly with older versions. When it comes to medical equipment repair and maintenance, trust your experts at Gale Medical.

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Better Test Results


Any client who purchases diagnostic ultrasound equipment from Gale Medical or has it repaired here is assured of the most accurate test results when they use their equipment.


We take the utmost care with our client’s equipment to ensure that it is not damaged in any way whatsoever. We also offer preventative maintenance contracts to our clients alongside time and material services at very affordable prices.

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Customer Training


Gale Medical offers Equipment Application Training for our customers. By ensuring your staff is trained in the proper use and care of your valued medical equipment, you are investing in the life of your investment. Our experienced technicians are well versed in a wide range of products and can teach you how to use your medical ultrasound equipment.


We also offer DICOM solutions for most ultrasound equipment manufacturers from all over the world. Contact us today for a quote on a custom training session.

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No Interruptions


Our services are optimized to ensure that our clients are served in the shortest possible amount of time because we understand that your time is of great value.


Our excellent service is geared towards eliminating any interruptions that may occur during the installation of new equipment, maintenance, or staff training. We will ensure that you spend the least possible amount of time waiting for our experienced and reliable staff members to meet your needs.

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Ultrasound & Echo Repairs


We offer accurate, high quality repairs at an affordable price with excellent customer service and communication at every step in the repair process.


At Gale Medical, we know that broken or malfunctioning equipment means loss of revenue and longer wait times for essential health care services, so we offer the fastest response and turn-around times on the market from factory trained and certified technicians who are insured and bonded.

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