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About Gale Medical

The Gale Medical staff has many years experience in medical ultrasound equipment sales, echo medical systems, service and training. Our goal is to provide you with right ultrasound equipment and/or service at a fraction of the usual cost.

Gale Medical provides medical ultrasound equipment and echo medical systems to many happy clients, and is your ideal source for new or used medical ultrasound equipment, service, maintenance, probe repair, system setup, training, and more. Whether you need parts, service, probe repair, training, or a turn-key equipment purchase, Gale Medical has the resources to help you.


I'm Lamar Gale, proud owner of Gale Medical, a veteran-owned business with over 50 five-star ratings and reviews on DOTMed 100. I will personally return your call or email, and guarantee top level service from our sales team.


Lamar Gale, Owner

Gale Medical

Gale Medical Mission Statement

Gale Medical is your ideal source for new and used, EKG, diagnostic ultrasound equipment, ultrasound transducers, ultrasound service, transducer repair, transducer replacement, ultrasound system setup, and training. Whether you need GE, Philips, Siemens, Toshiba, Sonosite, Terason, Mindray, Edan, or Schiller systems, service, transducer repair, training, or a turn-key equipment purchase, Gale Medical has the resources to help you.

About Our Team

Our seasoned sales team can provide expert consultations to help find the right ultrasound equipment for your medical facility based on your technical and budgetary needs. We are unbiased and will give you an expert opinion on which equipment best suits your business’s needs. Because we offer new and used equipment from many manufacturers, we are able to customize a solution that will make your medical facility – and your bank account – very happy. We always answer your questions with honesty and ensure you have the best experience possible when purchasing your next ultrasound.

Our expert service technicians have years of experience working with medical ultrasound equipment, and are able to educate and train your staff on the proper use of your ultrasound machines as well as to maintain and repair your equipment whenever necessary. We have worked with many types of ultrasound equipment made by many different manufacturers, and have the combined know-how to exceed your expectations throughout the maintenance and repair process. We understand that every business is busy and any interruption in equipment function can be a big inconvenience. We promise to keep your machines properly maintained so they continue to function smoothly or to repair them with the utmost efficiency, to make your workdays as hassle-free as possible.

Gale Medical is a reputable and long-serving diagnostic ultrasound equipment supplier, and is a registered company, which is recognized by the government and health services. We are dealers in new and used ultrasound equipment and echo medical systems. We offer all the trusted brands available on the market at a fraction of what other suppliers demand. We also provide maintenance services for ultrasound machines such as probe repairs and sale of spare parts. We serve a large number of clients, including hospitals, clinics and individual medical practitioners throughout the region. When it comes to providing quality medical ultrasound equipment, our company is practically a household name.

Our diligent and experienced team members are expertly trained to ensure efficient and timely delivery of high-quality services to our clients. We have a nationwide network of highly skilled, quality service engineers who are backed by years of training and experience in ultrasound repair and maintenance. They have a deep understanding of the methods used by all leading ultrasound equipment manufacturers and are, therefore, highly capable of handling a wide range of ultrasound equipment.


Gale Medical is DOTmed certified, and has also been featured in their top 100 businesses. Top 100 businesses are selected based on the quality of their 5-star ratings, as well as the number of 5-star reviewsVisit our DOTmed profile to see first hand what our clients have to say about the outstanding service the Gale Medical team provides.

Benefits of doing business with a DOTmed Certified firm:

  • You finally have recourse in your used equipment transactions.

  • DOTmed Certified firms have signed a Code of Ethics.

  • DOTmed Certified firms agree to Binding Arbitration in the event of a dispute.

  • DOTmed Certified firms have provided three references.

Working with a DOTmed certified business, you can rest assured that not does Gale Medical offer quality products and outstanding services (based on consumer reviews), but we are trust-worthy, professional, and have your best interest in mind, always.

Gale Medical is certified as a Veteran Owned Business. We are showing support for small businesses across United States that were started by veterans and helping each other grow. Click on the logo to learn more information about the Veteran Owned Business certification.

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