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Your Source for New and Used Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment

Gale Medical is a full service company, specializing in ultrasound medical equipment. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of medical equipment brands and products in the following categories:

  • ABI Vascular System

  • Dopplers

  • EKG

  • Fetal Monitor

  • Holter

  • Monitors

  • Print and Storage

  • Spirometry

  • Stress Test

  • Ultrasouns

  • Ultrasound Transducers

We currently offer over 25 brands, and are always expanding. We sell both new and used diagnostic ultrasound equipment, so no matter your price range, we have your medical equipment needs covered. Gale Medical has one of the largest inventories for new and used ultrasound medical equipment at reasonable prices. As it is with most technologies, ultrasound has developed considerably over the last decade and continues to improve year by year, having the capacity to store more memory and function for effectively. This is why Gale Medical strives to stay on top with the technology advances and provide new and used medical equipment that not only meets the needs, but is also advanced, qualitative, and functions effectively.


Trusted Brands

  • Acuson

  • Aloka

  • ATL

  • B&K Medical

  • BUrdick | Cardiac Science

  • Chison

  • GE Medical

  • Healthometer

  • Hitachi

  • Huntleigh

  • Marquette

  • Medison | Samsung

  • Midmark

  • NDD

  • Newman Medical

  • Nicolete Vascular

  • NorthEast Monitoring

  • Parks Medical

  • QRS Medical

  • Quinton

  • Siemens

  • SIUI

  • Sonosite

  • Summit Vascular

  • Terason

  • Toshiba

  • Welch Allyn


Our Equipment

We offer diagnostic ultrasound equipment for many specialties, including anesthesiology, endocrinology, cardiology, podiatry, OB/GYN, and many more.


We offer new and preowned EKGs, ultrasounds, and ultrasound transducers, as well as new ABI Vascular Systems, Dopplers, Fetal Monitors, Holters, Monitors, Spirometric supplies, and Stress Tests. We have a great selection of products at a great value.

GM hand transducer.jpg

Sales & Service Staff

The staff at Gale Medical has many years of experience in medical ultrasound equipment sales, echo medical systems, service and training. Our goal is to provide you with right ultrasound equipment and/or service at a fraction of the usual cost.


Our expert technicians will train your staff on how to use your new equipment, provide preventative maintenance on it to keep your operations running smoothly, and repair your equipment if anything ever goes wrong. Our staff is knowledgeable and efficient to keep your diagnostic ultrasound equipment – and your business – functioning properly.

Give us a call today at 954-839-6337 to find out more about how we can serve your medical equipment needs.



Mark Asmer, MedCorp

"We've done business with Lamar Gale for several years, and he has always been great work with. He's an honest and trustworthy dealer."

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